Dark Disciples I


The first part of an epic adventure


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Dark Disciples I is a traditional RPG that takes the form of an epic tale set in a medieval fantasy world.

In the game, you'll play a young man whose father has committed suicide, leaving behind a huge amount of debt. The only way to escape this debt is to leave the city and start your own adventure.

Before you begin, you can make a character of either sex and choose different skills and attributes, which will determine to a certain degree how you'll face different challenges.

Although Dark Disciples I is a traditional RPG and has a complex turn-based combat system, the main focus is on solving puzzles, interacting with the setting, and talking to other characters.

That means that although physical attributes are important, it's not so much which sword you have in your hand that matters but what you do before you draw it.

Dark Disciples I is a different kind of RPG. Though the graphics are a bit sloppy, it offers a great story with memorable challenges.
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